Membership – LOGA Montreal

a. Those eligible for membership in the Section shall be:

(1) All officers and non-commissioned members of the Logistics Branch of the Canadian Forces including members of the Regular Force, Primary Reserve, Supplementary Reserve and Retired List;

(2) All persons who served at any time in the Logistics Branch of the Canadian Forces, the Royal Canadian Army Service Corps, the Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps, the Royal Canadian Army Pay Corps, or in any former Corps or Branches which is perpetuated by the Logistics Branch of the Canadian Forces;

(3) All persons who have served in the Royal Canadian Navy or the Royal Canadian Air Force, or who are serving or have served in the armed forces of any nation of the Commonwealth or the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, in branches or Corps of the Royal Canadian Navy, the Royal Canadian Air Force or such armed forces which correspond to the Branches or Corps referred to in sub-sections (1) or (2); and

(4) Other individuals who the Executive Committee considers would support the objects of the Chapter and the Association and be of service by reason of their past service or current responsibilities in industry, the public service, the armed forces or other fields and who are approved for membership at a meeting of the Executive Committee or at a general meeting.

b. A person eligible for membership may make (click on) application to the Treasurer of theĀ Montreal ChapterĀ and upon approval of such application by the Treasurer and payment of the appropriate annual dues, the applicant shall be admitted to membership.