Objectives – LOGA Montreal


a. The objectives of the the Canadian Forces Logistic Association are to further the interests of the Canadian Forces Logistics Branch and to provide a forum for the exchange of information related to defence and logistics matters between current and retired members of the Canadian Forces Logistics Branch and other interested individuals and /or organisations.

b. The Montréal Chapter of Canadian Forces Logistics Association (LOGA Montréal) accomplishes these objectives by:
(1) organizing at regular intervals meetings, conferences and visits related to logistics matters;
(2) organizing social activities for the benefit of its members;
(3) promoting esprit-de-corps and tradition among its members through the support of activities such as the Canadian Forces Logistics Museum in Montreal;
(4) participating in activities and groups promoting Canadian Forces defence and logistic matters, such as the Conference of Defence Associations;
(5) disseminating as required, information and views on logistics and defence matters; and
(6) providing the Minister of National Defence, the Chief of Defence Staff and /or the Head of Branch with recommendations, suggestions promoting the greatest possible efficiency and effectiveness of the Canadian Forces and the Logistics Branch in particular.