Check our temporary display in Kingston

The museum travels to... Kingston — December 1st, 2014

The Canadian Forces Logistics Museum had the honour of present its itinerant exhibit: “Leading the Way” in Kingston, Ontario at the Headquarters of the First Canadian Division.

Here you have a general view of the exhibit before it was assembled.


The assemble steps

montage du squelette

Set the frames ©Photo: CFLM

Les toiles sont installées

The panels are installed ©Photo: CFLM

Arrivée des vitrines

The window displays are settled ©Photo: CFLM

Arrivée des artefacts

The artifacts are carefully placed  ©Photo: CFLM

On prépare le vernissage

Preparing for the exhibition opening ©Photo: CFLM

Au moment du vernissage

At the opening of the exhibition ©photo: Mary White

En train de regarder l'exposition

Contemplating the exhibit © photo: Mary White

Le personnel du musée avec nos hôtes s à Kingston

Museum staff with proudly hosts ©Photo: Mary White